The Pyres of Irefell

The Box of Many Mysteries

After fighting their way to the bottom of the Barrowford cemetery, through hordes of zombies, skeletons, and a particularly precarious river, the party found that the cemetery actually connected to an ancient Dennish tomb, and at its terminus, they discovered a large chamber, where a necromancer was performing evil rites over an altar of black obsidian, scrawled with infernal runes. After vanquishing their foe and his skeletal minions, they came once more to the surface, where they were greeted by a dwarf riding a hippogriff – none other than Barnabus, the very dwarf they had been instructed to give the box to.

After a bit of negotiating and cautious greetings, they agreed to meet back at the inn in Barrowford to discuss the box and the implications of its discovery. At the inn, Barnabus revealed that he had come to Barrowford a year ago, waiting for a sign from his god, Kord, of a coming storm. A month ago, he began to notice the proverbial winds beginning to rise, as signs of necromantic activity increased. Finally, he tracked them to the Barrowford crypts, and witnessed a necromancer more powerful than the one the adventurers had faced, as he summoned a demonic being from the altar, slew it, and took something from its corpse. Barnabus fought with the weakened necromancer, but his foe fled before he could land the killing blow, and he lost him in the ensuing pursuit. The altar, he said, seemed demonic, and he can't help but draw connections to the legends around King Daemon Thrice-Damned, ancient lord of the Dennes, and his demonic pacts to gain favor in battle.

However, he tells the adventurers that the box is made to contain either great good or great evil, and that with the right ingredients, a plant called Seer's Root, he might be able to divine its contents. However, time is also of the essence, as the box has a magical trace on it, designed to help someone or something to find it.

In addition, Iriel found a cloak of white moth wings in the crypts of Barrowford, and after wearing it, and dealing an impressive, mortal blow to the necromancer, the cloak began to speak to the elf rogue and claimed to be imbued with the essense of Vizexa, the Queen of Moths. Vizexa was a minor deific entity who was slain thousands of years ago by Githyanki knights. Vizexa offered her the promise of increased gifts and powers in return for the promise to aid her in a quest for vengeance against the Githyanki knights who slew her and Iriel accepted, taking the first step in her pact with the Moth Queen.


And after spending a night resting in Barrowford, the party finds themselves more confident and powerful than before.

The Box of Many Mysteries
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