Magic in Irefell

Arcane Magic

Irefell is even lower in magic compared to the rest of the world due to the stigma placed on arcane spellcasting after the oppressive rule of the Kethian wizards in ancient times. Arcane magic is considered occult and taboo in nature in Irefell and as such sorcerers and wizards tend to be very rare and they are treated with suspicion. Bards see less oppression because their craft is primarily performance – many people truly forget or do not understand that their magic is arcane in nature.

Divine Magic

Divine magic, on the other hand is widely encouraged. Many deities have some worshipping community in Irefell, but the most prominent are Kord, Pelor, and St. Cuthbert. Divine magic is relatively common, and the churches control all legal production of magic items, including the enchantment of weapons and armor.


Magic Items

Magic items from the core rules, bought or crafted, hold a 2x cost upcharge from what is stated. Additionally, these items are not available everywhere – players must typically visit a temple to inquire about purchases or crafting, and availability is determined at that time.

Magic in Irefell

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