The Pyres of Irefell

Welcome to Irefell

Getting Started

Hail adventurers, and welcome to Irefell! In order to get yourself acquainted with the campaign, check out the Welcome Page, which gives a "cliffnotes" version of the land we'll be traveling to. Also check out these pages for some general information:





After that, if you're still feeling adventurous, feel free to learn more about your starting place, and our initial cast of characters (NPC's).

Campaign and DM Notes

As a DM I plan on using a lot of visual elements, wherever I can, to try and make the experience as immersive as possible. This includes some basic terrain elements and miniatures. If this proves to be a bad idea, we'll probably switch to a more traditional setup.

In general, I also tend to be a little more free-wheeling with rules as written in favor of making the adventure more exciting and not spending tooo much time in the rulebooks - if you want to do a particular action the book doesn't lay out clearly, speak up! 

Time-wise we can discuss how often we'd like to run this campaign and what player preferences are since this would mean we'd be running 2 campaigns at once - twice per month would probably be my absolute max – once a month would be more comfortable to provide enough time for me to plan a good solid adventure for each time we meet.

All classes and prestige classes in DND 3.5 (same system we've been using) are open, but know that arcane spellcasting is considered "taboo" but not outright outlawed, in Irefell.

Lastly, I want to make a world that's really immersive and incorporates personal elements of your characters, so if you want to provide any backstory for your character, any desires and wishes or other sub-plot hooks, I will do my best to work those into the main story at various points, too! And if that's not your thing, that's completely fine too!



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