Boris Rumnaheim


A middle-aged dwarf with a long beard of red hair, and a set of fine but clearly worn merchant’s clothes, Boris Rumnaheim’s calm, happy demeanor quickly turns to question-dodging and excuse-making as yet another customer brings back a malfunctioning wand. After some very vehement gestures and a few choice words between the two, the customer storms off, throwing the wand just past Boris’s head as a gout of flame (which should have been ice) comes pouring out of the spinning wand as it whizzes past him and lands harmlessly on the ground. With a scowl, the dwarf snatches up the wand, throws it back into his bag and continues his work.


You know little of Boris’ backstory or how he came to be traveling with his bodyguard, Vhlad. But you do know he likes to cheat at dice and that he has more enthusiasm for his magic items than for his ale. After The Northern Wind was destroyed, his fate is currently unknown.

Boris Rumnaheim

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