I am one with the World.


A Human Level 2 Monk robed in a long, gray cloak casually leaning on a smooth, cylindrical bō.

Ability Score Modifier Saving Throw
STR 10 +0 +2
DEX 16 +3 +5
CON 14 +2 +2
INT 12 +1 +1
WIS 16 +3 +3
CHA 9 -1 -1
Attack ATK Bonus Damage/Type
Bō (two-handed) +5 1d8 + 3 bludgeoning
Bō (one-handed) +5 1d6 + 3 bludgeoning
Dart (qty: 10) +5 1d4 + 3 piercing
Unarmed strike +5 1d4 + 3 bludgeoning

NB: After making an unarmed strike or monk-weapon attack, five can make a bonus unarmed strike once/turn.

HP: 19 (2d8)
AC: 16 (10 + DEX + WIS while unarmored and unshielded)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 40 feet and increasing…

Skill Proficiencies

  • Acrobatics (+5)
  • Athletics (+2)
  • Medicine (+5)
  • Survival (+5)

Other Stuff

  • Herbalism kit (proficient from Hermit background)
  • 9gp


  • Common
  • Orc (Human racial bonus); learnt as a youth hearing the stories of old warriors of his tribe
  • Draconic (Hermit background bonus); learnt while wandering the grass-plains of Kehkmankar and interacting with Dragonborn tribes

If you know yourself, there is nothing left to know.

  • Born, raised, and trained as monk in Kehkmankar
  • Heading to Irefell to find a still-elusive inner-peace after the death of his teacher

The morning after The Northern Wind was destroyed, five walked the beach where the party landed in Irefell. Delivered by the waves and half-burried in sand, five found a small piece of frayed line from the sail of the vessel. He tied that piece of line to the top of his bō.


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