The Pyres of Irefell

Now Arriving: Irefell

A new party joins forces and arrives on the shores of Irefell

On The Northern Wind, a cog one day away from making her destination, Ironport, three new heroes begin their adventure together. Ehtar was keen to partake in a dice game against Boris and lost 1gp to the dwarf; five talked to Captain Strongarm about the strange woman that was aboard the vessel, but the Captain revealed that he did not have (or at least didn't care to share) any insight into her activities or purpose. 

Boris asked five if he would like to play the game of chance as the monk walked past, but five insinuated that the game was not fair and that Boris was actually a cheat. Ehtar, from below, heard the discussion and joined five in challenging Boris directly. Combined, the two adventurers were able to make Boris admit that he was a cheat and Boris offered future discounts on his magical items if they didn't report him to Captain Strongarm. Spurred on by five's idea that they could take all the profits and goods if they did report him and the Captain sentenced him to death, five and Ehtar reported Boris to the Captain. When confronted again, Boris tried to hide his cheating from the Captain but failed and was locked in the hold; as a reward, Ehtar and five were given 50gp each by the Captain.

Later that night, a final feast was had on the main deck. Despite Boris' incarceration, his ale was drunk (especially by Ehtar…) and a fine meal eaten. During the feast, five discussed the aspirations of the First Mate and later the worsening situation in Kehkmankar with a family escaping religious violence there. five tried to sneak his 50gp reward onto the patriarch's body, but was detected; after some initial reluctance, the man accepted the donation.

Everyone settled in for the night, but a great shudder awoke all hands as the ship ran aground on a rock and water started to pour into the hold. five freed Boris from his bonds and joined the rest of the party on the main deck where Captain Strongarm discovered that his helmsman's throat had been cut. The Captain demanded that Hob, a halfling cleric of Pelor speak with the dead to discern the murderer, but before the answer was gleaned, a raiding party of Sahuagin, slimy water monsters with spears, attacked the ship.

Iriel, aka Jiminawig, covered her rapier in the blood of Sahuagin as she demonstrated great fighting skill. Ehtar fought an equally matched Sahuagin before joining Iriel to fight a large, spellcasting Sahuagin on the forecastle. five used his bō and his elbows to kill one but fell overboard and barely caught himself above the water when he tried to parkour up to the helm and assist Captain Strongarm. 

Just when the adventurers and crew had the Sahuagin under control and the battle looked easily won, the last three Sahuagin disappeared overboard and a large swimming rock?! was closing on the disabled ship! 

Captain Strongarm gave to Ehtar a secret box engraved with a strange sigil

and a mission to deliver it to a cleric of Kord named Barnabus, a short way away in the town of Barrowford. To accomplish this task, Ehtar, Iriel, five, and Pock escaped into a lifeboat as a gigantic Dragon Turtle chewed through the ship like it was seaweed. 

Safely ashore in the early hours of the following morning, the party rested before setting off mid-morning into a region marked by several old Dennish barrows. Between three barrows, two of them previously opened, the group found several Skeletons battling a Rust Monster, the latter of which was drawn by the scent of metal in the freshly-opened barrows. To limit the risk of damage to their metal weapons, five went in and used his wooden bō against the rust monster and quickly defeated it while the others dispatched the skeletons. 

With the monsters killed, the party searched all three barrows for treasure and found 37 strange, old coins; a triangular rock with a rune carved into it; and two pieces of deathglass. With a bit of bardic knowledge and religious scholarship, the party recalled that Deathglass is a substance naturally occuring in and unique to Irefell, and it has the power to resurrect corpses in proximity to it; everyone agreed to remove the stones from the barrows to prevent additional dead being raised, but questioned how and why these necromantic artifacts had been placed in the barrows. The runestone, they discovered, was a key to open up the remaining closed barrow.

In the next adventure, will the party deliver the box for Captain Strongarm? Will they draw more undead to themselves? What other mysteries will they find, now landed in Irefell? 


JakeKing IlPinguinoBasso

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