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Welcome, travelers, to the land of Irefell – sovereign domain of King Edmund, the third of his name! I am Pock Dunquill, Royal Cartographer, Archivist, Historian, and occasionally court fool to his majesty, King Edmund III, and his father before him. I have traveled to many places and can tell you that Irefell is a land both storied and vast – ripe with history and legends for those of scholarly (or adventuresome) inclinations, and full of opportunity for cunning warriors, rogues, and merchants seeking their fortunes and glory.

Irefell's Place in the World

Irefell lies in the north of the known world, neighboring the orc lands of Kathak-Dur west of the towering Ulmines Mountains. The kingdoms Khrist and Mithlin lay to the south, across The Sea of Storms, and the dwarven free cities of Halgard and Angard are nestled in between on their great stony isle. To the southwest, across the Golden Sea lays ancient Kehkmankar and its fabled dragon priests, locked in a never-ending battle between the forces of Bahamut and Tiamat.

I could tell you stories for days of each of these places but Irefell – Irefell is the land I love most. It is a place of feast and famine, of comfort and strife. Kings and lords beyond count have claimed this land of many isles and while many have left their mark, few have ever endured long enough to bring all of Irefell under one banner.

The Seven Lands of Irefell

For the last three hundred years, the Barden line of kings has commanded the allegiance of Eswyck, Westamber, and the Umbrose Isles, together the largest and most populous of Irefell's lands. Dussex is largely under Barden control as well, though the northernmost reaches beyond Edmund's Wall are still strong and fiercely independent. Beyond Duskenhall the lands of Lessex, Eith, and Norwiin are wilder, and these "kingdoms" exist in name only to the southern lords – no doubt the folk who live there call them by their own names and draw their own borders. And that is why few go there now except the bravest of adventurers. The empires that once stood there are long gone, but the wild druidic tribes of The Elderwood still practice their ancient arts and tribes of barbarians vie for power in the foothills where mighty Keth once stood.

The Political Climate of Irefell

With the passing of the old king, Edmund II, the strength and steel of the kingdom was tested. And with the ascension of Edmund III came a bloody revolt, led by Edmund's bastard older half-brother, Tyrus. After Tyrus claimed an early advantage, Edmund's men rallied under his uncle Ulthor Barden and prevailed against Tyrus, killing him at the Battle of Greenfield. Now, five years since the death of the elder Edmund, the realm has just begun to heal from its wounds, though if I speak truly there are many who would see the young king's reign come to a swift end, and those with keen ears can hear the whispers of discord growing in the towns and villages.

And still other threats lurk in the shadows of this land of many isles – things that are far greater and older than the Bard-King's Throne in Daegaren. There are tales yet to be told and histories yet to be written, in need of brave souls such as yourselves to live them and tell them. Go forth, and fear no darkness! The world and your fortunes await!


P. D.

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